Monday, 23 June 2014

We Made Drinks

When I visited the BBC Good Food Show, as well as the yummy things I bought and ate whilst there (read all about that here) I picked up a couple of things that I ate/drank in the days that followed. There was so much to choose from and I only came away with two things, but they were good choices.

The first thing I got was a few bottles of lemonade from We Made Drinks. I don't know a whole lot about the company as they don't yet have a website but I do know they make very good lemonade. I bought both flavours on offer, the refreshingly juicy raspberry and lemon and the refreshingly zesty still lemonade.

This was exactly like it said it was, refreshingly juicy. It wasn't too sweet but not bitter or sharp either and tasted of both raspberry and lemon. Perfect for a summery day.

Real lemonade is one of my favourite things. Every summer I drink a lot of lemonade and I prefer it when sharp rather than sweet. Lemon just reminds me of summer. For me, this was the perfect lemonade, very lemon-y and very refreshing. The balance of sweetness/sharpness was just right and I wish I bought more of it when I had the chance!

If you come across either of these two drinks I recommend giving them a go! If like me you like your lemonade refreshing and sharp then I guarantee you'll love them!

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